Website design with WordPress:
A complete Content Management System for
one-page brochures to multi-page websites.

Put Rob to work on the tedious tasks:
updates, backups, security scans and more.
Free up your time for what matters most.

Hello! This is Rob and he designs websites. Not just any websites, but WordPress websites.

Rob has 7 years of experience building websites and he is also a fine artist. On paper, his favorite medium is charcoal, enjoying its depth and range. In the digital world, his passion WordPress as it easily allows people and businesses to get their names out in the world. Web design allows him to enjoy both design and technology; a left brain, right brain symbiosis.

Can hand-code a website, but prefers to design in WordPress, putting those hand-coding skills into custom designs.

Are you frustrated with your current WordPress site? Do you need help maintaining your site so you can focus on your business? Or perhaps you're looking to build a fantastic, new website? Rob's specialty is functional and beautiful websites that are painless for you.

Designer. Husband. Father. Coffee addict. (Not necessarily in that order. Coffee first.)

Rob also enjoys talking in third-person. No, not really. In fact, I'm done with that. There's a lot more I enjoy. Coffee, technology, art, music, gaming, learning to play the ukulele... I'm passionate about a lot of things. But one thing I'm really passionate about is helping people and I want to use that drive in helping you create the awesome web presence you deserve!

A portrait of Rob Parmenter.

Let's mind meld our passions together. With our powers combined,

we can take over the world!

...or maybe just create an awesome website.


Rob is our webmaster, and has done an outstanding job in that capacity for the past three years. Our organization has nothing but high praise for his ability, and reliability. His creativity is second to none. I highly recommend this fine gentleman for any position in web site management and development.

Arv Schultz

Rob is great! He’s flexible and easy to work with. I was in over my head trying to completely revamp our website by myself. Obviously I needed some help. When Rob came in he listened to what I was looking for, and then came back with some great ideas of what we could do for the design. It was exactly what I needed. I would definitely recommend Rob as your WordPress Designer.

Sarah Hock

Working with Rob has made website work enjoyable! Not only has he made editing easy for me to do on my own, but the time and effort he puts into making the site what I want is so special. He has creative ideas and I really feel heard when I work with him. Rob gives you the time and attention you need and has been a pleasure to work with.

Chandra Cushman



Why WordPress?

"WordPress powers more than 28% of the web..." Why? Because it is awesome! Seriously, it is a great platform to build a website. Simple and powerful with WordPress we can build anything from a basic blog to a cutting edge ecommerce store or a social network. WordPress is strong and flexible -- it’s functionality is limited only by the imagination.

What if I only want a one-page site?

At first WordPress may seem so robust it feels like having an entire warehouse to store a shoebox of photos. The key is scalability: WordPress is exceptionally scalable making it as ideal for a one-page brochure site as for a complex ecommerce site. The benefit of WordPress over your average “website in a box,” is that a WordPress site that is only one-page today, can be easily modified and enlarged as your business grows and evolves.

Plug. It. In.

WordPress has some pretty cool tools that make lives easier. Plugins are a simple way to boost the functionality and customize your WordPress site. Your WordPress website will come with some of my favorite plugins. You may also request or ask me to find additional custom plugins to optimize your site.



Complete Custom Design

Whether you need a multi-page website or a one-page brochure, I can help. Each solution depends on your unique business needs. If you already know what you want, great! If not, I will work with you to identify the best solution for your situation. My services are designed to assist small business and or non-profits who need to build their online presence with an efficient, attractive and mobile-friendly website.

Working Together

You provide the content, I provide the website design and WordPress expertise. This project is for you and your business. Together we can build a website that makes your business shine. As a team, we will discuss what you need, the options available and also what might or might not be best. Remember that bit about scalability and robustness? With WordPress, it is rare that any idea is completely off the table, so don’t be afraid to ask. I am always happy to discuss the possibilities.

In For The Long Haul

Once your website is complete, I will never leave you hangin'. We've built a relationship and I want to make sure you have a great experience for the life of your website. Think of me as your designer on hand. If you have an idea or want something changed down the road, we can look at starting a new project. And, don’t forget to ask about signing up for a long-term maintenance plan after the build.

  • Custom website design with WordPress to match your vision.
  • Leave behind the limits of basic templates and themes.
  • Big or small, let’s work together to build a site that rocks!

I am excited to help small businesses and nonprofits create an online presence and increase visibility. A website is a virtual calling card and the best way to get your voice online. Don’t put it off, let me help.

I can get you online quickly. We can work together locally in Phoenix, AZ or strictly online. Let's do this!